Shooting Fireworks!!

Fireworks           Fireworks are probably one of those few things that people enjoy irrespective of their age and interests! Staying in Japan, a country that literally “celebrates” fireworks, I learnt a lot of tips-and-tricks about the art of photographing Fireworks. Most of my learning has been through this one mantra – “SHOOT – REVIEW – ADJUST –REPEAT” !! 

Epilogue:       In India, we have an entire festival dedicated to illumination and fireworks, DIWALI -- the festival of lights.. But while I was in India, neither did I own a DSLR, nor was I much interested in clicking fireworks, as, like most other kids, I was more inclined towards bursting crackers rather than capturing them.       Although Japan doesn't have a festival dedicated to fireworks, nor is the-common-man is allowed to burst fire-crackers. But, on the contrary, around the end of summer, there are big firework shows (花火大会) in almost every important city of this country. During my 4 year stay, I had visited many of…

Experiments with Splash!!

It's a word that definitely excites is the case with me...
My interest in photographing splashes developed around a year ago while going through a photography magazine. I found it pretty interesting! Unfortunately, in the magazine, only a couple of pics were given, not much info. :(
Curiosity increased, and obviously, I googled about it... 
Here is a link that I found pretty helpful.

And then, during my stay at home this summer, I made an attempt to make my own splash photography album. And its was then that I learnt the most important thing about splash photography requirements --- Permission from mom!! 
So, after a lot of 'patao'fication, she agreed to let me do my experiments in the varandah, that too only with water!
Once everything set and done, came the next important question --- what should I drop in the water to create the splash ???
The engineer in me woke up, and the answer was: nuts, bolts and washer!!

ISO: 320, Shutter-Speed: 1/640; f: f/4.8

Okutama ~~ a tranquil mountainous paradise

OKUTAMA: the best trekking trail near TokyoTokyo, as most people know, is a busy cosmopolitan city with a huge population; but there is much more to the capital city than just high-rise buildings. The town of Okutama, located in the extreme western part of Tokyo, showed us the other side of Tokyo, a world full of beautiful nature. Okutama is a tranquil mountainous paradise with breathtaking views which makes it hard to believe that the lights and crowd of the bustling metropolis are but an hour and a half of train ride away.

OKUTAMA: introOkutama is well-known for its water (Lake Okutama, which supplies approximately 20% of the water that Tokyoites use) and greenery, which attracts many leisure enthusiasts (like me) who come to the area to enjoy hiking and mountain climbing …

Tokyo Kaleidoscope

Hello friends..
This blog might not turn out to be a very informative one, as its primarily a collection of some snaps that I shot in my short stay in you read below, you will find snaps of many beautiful places in Tokyo...thus, I call it to be a kaleidoscope of Tokyo, shot from the lens of an amateur photo enthusiast...

Its been exactly a month that I have been staying in Tokyo, yet i am already enveloped by its aura. This place has a charm of its own. Clean and broad streets, beautiful blue sky, colorful people, sparkling neon lights at night and some amazingly picturesque viewpoints.....!

Guys who are new in Tokyo, and are travel freaks like my friends and me, they can find this article handy to get started with roaming in and around this city. We were blessed with our seniors who guided us with the whereabouts of this metropolitan.

The Tokyo Tower...!   The reason I chose to start off with the Tokyo Tower is because one can see the entire city from this height.  Althou…