Shooting Fireworks!!


         Fireworks are probably one of those few things that people enjoy irrespective of their age and interests! Staying in Japan, a country that literally “celebrates” fireworks, I learnt a lot of tips-and-tricks about the art of photographing Fireworks. Most of my learning has been through this one mantra – “SHOOT – REVIEW – ADJUST –REPEAT” !! 

japan fireworks


      In India, we have an entire festival dedicated to illumination and fireworks, DIWALI -- the festival of lights.. But while I was in India, neither did I own a DSLR, nor was I much interested in clicking fireworks, as, like most other kids, I was more inclined towards bursting crackers rather than capturing them.
      Although Japan doesn't have a festival dedicated to fireworks, nor is the-common-man is allowed to burst fire-crackers. But, on the contrary, around the end of summer, there are big firework shows (花火大会) in almost every important city of this country. During my 4 year stay, I had visited many of them (in different cities). Although I had heard that Osaka's firework-show is one of the best in Japan, personally, I found the one in Oita (a small city in the Kyushu island) to be much better.

Fireworks photography: Camera Settings, Tips and Tripod

When it was the first time that I was going to shoot a complete fireworks show, I had done some a lot of background reading from the internet. I concluded that the location, timing and Tripod is of utmost importance. I mounted my camera on a sturdy tripod and positioned it so that the two-thirds of the frame was the sky, and the remaining one-third was the water, so as to try and capture the reflection.
Here are some of links that might be helpful:

Personal Experience:

Here are some important aspects I learnt about Capturing fireworks:
Ideally we want a long exposure anywhere between 1-30 seconds for a silky water effect. But, in events like these, there are too many fireworks fired in a relatively small interval of time, making some shots too bright as well as making the bursts in-decipherable from each other. I realized this in the first 10-15mins, and henceforth the max exposure I used was 5secs.
It’s better to disengage the auto-focus on your lens (manually set it to Infinity) and shoot in complete manual mode (at times using the "bulb mode" for random exposure). The problem with autofocus in these cases is that the camera will try to refocus after every single burst, thereby losing the "crisp-ness" of the snap.
 And, now comes the "special three".
      Strategy used to capture these: after the first burst, cover the lens with the black lens cap; move the camera a little bit, remove the cover just at the time of the next burst and so on. In this way, I was able to capture 3-4 bursts on the same pic without them overlapping on each-other!! :)

Equipment used:

Nikon D7000
Nikkor 18-200mm lens

Camera Settings:

ISO: 100
Aperture: f/11, f/14, f/16


  1. I love your pics and what an amazing use of The Rule of Thirds! Bravo and keep posting :)

  2. I always feel the excitement, while going through your awesome pic and well written notes.

  3. Very well written..specially the concept of taking so many bursts in one pic..I really liked it a lot

  4. And your pics r always a delight to the doesn't need a mention.
    Every burst is so distinct from each other

  5. Mainak, as I had told you before as well, these are some of the nicest Firework shots I have seen. Kudos, again buddy. To add to these awesome pictures, your technique description is really nice and helpful. Yes, I normally use manual focus and bulb mode, but your concept used is the 'special three' is something new. I think I will try it the next time. Cheers, buddy and keep the good work going.

    1. Thanks brother... Such compliments coming from you are really encouraging and motivating.. :)

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    1. Thank you soo much. Glad you liked it. Please share/subscribe...

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you soo much. Glad you liked it. Please share/subscribe...

  8. Going to the coast for the 4th of July, I really hope to do this and use your technique and get amazing photos.

    1. Thanks Nicole. Loves your Hand made charms and trinkets too! :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures! I hope to get better with my camera

  10. Very nice descriptive skills and excellent pictures!! Kudos!

  11. These photos are absolutely stunning! I just have a simple point and shoot camera, but even so I find myself using my phone most of the time, haha! It amazes me what people can do with a great camera!

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