Tokyo Kaleidoscope

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This blog might not turn out to be a very informative one, as its primarily a collection of some snaps that I shot in my short stay in you read below, you will find snaps of many beautiful places in Tokyo...thus, I call it to be a kaleidoscope of Tokyo, shot from the lens of an amateur photo enthusiast...

Its been exactly a month that I have been staying in Tokyo, yet i am already enveloped by its aura. This place has a charm of its own. Clean and broad streets, beautiful blue sky, colorful people, sparkling neon lights at night and some amazingly picturesque viewpoints.....!

Guys who are new in Tokyo, and are travel freaks like my friends and me, they can find this article handy to get started with roaming in and around this city. We were blessed with our seniors who guided us with the whereabouts of this metropolitan.

The Tokyo Tower...!

   The reason I chose to start off with the Tokyo Tower is because one can see the entire city from this height.  Although the Sky Tree is the tallest structure of Tokyo, the simple reason I chose this because I am yet to climb the Sky Tree [:-)]
    The best time to climb this Tower is just before sun-set. Information about the entry fee and others can be found here.

These two snaps compare the Day View and the Night View of the Tokyo Tower.

The city as seen from the south side

The rainbow bridge

The two snaps above are of the city as seen from the main observatory.

 Rikugien koen

    This is a beautiful and serene park, at walking distance from the Komagome Station (yamanote line) . Like all other parks of this city, even this one is very well maintained.




Meiji Jingu

     This is one of the oldest imperial shrines of Japan...the best part is that its very near to my present guest-house. Statistics say that on new-year day, approx 1 crore people assemble here to offer prayers.

The Gate (Toori in Japanese)


 Odaiba Water front


This one is the most picturesque place I have visited in Tokyo so far.

Replica of the Statue of Liberty
Awesome buildings, along with the Sky Tree

Partial panoramic view from the Water-front.

Ueno Koen

Ueno has another beautiful and huge park...Apart from the colorful flowers and the serenity, there are various attractions inside the park like the "Nature and Science Museum", a small Jinja, a kids park, etc.


    Shibuya is where I stay, and its also known as the heart of the modern Tokyo, as most of Tokyo's young population dwells here.


Lovely roads...

Streets of Shibuya....full of Fashion!!

A vista of trees, on the way to Yoyogi Park

Illuminated streets with Neon lights!

Around my office 

Here are some lovely views from and around my office.

Night view from my office.


Dedicated to the "four",  for bearing with me always...!

the "four"


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